We do buffets all over the north east, including working lunches to weddings. 


This is a simple sample menu for cold buffet lunch, each £1 roughly gets you an extra item so for £3-3 £5-5 ect.

If your budget is £4 or £9 we can taylor the buffet to your needs.


£3 OptionSelection of sandwiches with a range of fillings

                        Crisps or Fresh fruit



£5 OptionSelection of sandwiches with a range of fillings

                             Dainty just baked sausage rolls & Crispsk

                        Rolled up Wiltshire ham slices & cherry tomatoes

                        Desert: Cupcakes / Muffins / Cream cakes or bar cakes

                        Fresh fruit platter 



£7 Option Selection of sandwiches & wraps with a range of fillings

                        Dainty just baked sausage rolls & Crisps

                        Handmade Cheese or corned beef squares

                        Rolled up Wiltshire ham slices & cherry tomatoes

                       Desert - Cupcakes / Muffins / Cream cakes / or Gateaux slices

                        Fresh fruit platter + 1other seasonal items





Thank you for looking at our Buffet ideas & prices. We make & bake everything 


ourselves therefore the buffets we do are always tailored to your needs you can add or


remove anything you like.



- These prices are for cold finger buffets only.


- Paper plates & napkins are always provided.



- The buffet will be delivered to your home/work for no extra


 charge (within our delivery areas) outside our delivery area you will be charged £2. 


- Minimum order is for 10 people. 


- We can also do options for £9- £15 with hot & cold options and drinks.


- We have a team available who can come to your home & even serve these up if required. 


Any questions just call-


Emma-Claude on 07921082953.


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Why Choose Us?


We can make your buffet or catering

and get it delivered on the same day.


We make everything FRESH and on 

the same day.


 We are located in the centre of N

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