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98 % of our products are handmade & are made with as many local products & people as possible. We pride ourselves on a ‘shop local & support local’ ethos. We have worked hard to create unique artisan bakery goods, made with great ingredients, passion & love. 



small 400g / large 800g

Farmhouse White/Wholemeal – Small £2.25 Large £2.80/2.90

Sourdough white/brown –  Oval £3.00

San FranciscLOAVESan sourdough/cheese  £4.00

Sourdough baguette  £3.00

Spelt (100% spelt flour ) Oval £3.00

Donker (80% rye with Sesame seeds) Oval £3.00

Low GI Multi seeded granary £3.00

Beetroot sourdough (amazing served with a cheese board, cold meats, pasta ) £4.00

Mediteranean (perfect with pasta, cheese, or as brushetta, our most flavoursome loaf) £4.00

Brioche (a british take on a French classic with a little less butter, amaxing with sweet and savoury foods alike) £4.00

Foccacia ( a huge array of types delicious with salds available Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays and at all our famers markets & events ) £3.50


Traditional Griddle scones pack of 4 £2.30

Fruit Scones £1.25 each

Cherry Scones  £1.25 each

Wholemeal Date and Walnut £1.25

Cheese £1.25

Bun Products
French Crusty buns, this is our best selling range of bread buns (seeded /white/ brown 65p each 4 for £2.25)

White/brown pack of 6 scotch baps ( £1.80 a pack)

White/brown pack of 6 local tuffies (a local heavier scotch bap) £1.80 a pack

Stotties pack of 2 £1.50 a pack or 4 for £2.70

Crusty spelt bun 65p

Crusty granary bun 65p

Ciabattas/ Paninni  (our paninnis are more dense ) pack of 4 for £2.25

Baguettes 65p each ( please note this product is not handmade by us)

Teacakes pack of 2 £1.50 or 4 for £2.70

Knotted bread buns (small) white and brown (can be seeded or none seeded) 65p each

Sausage rolls £1.40 - 2 for £2.50

(V) Vegetable Pasty £2.20 (Mixed vegetables in a white sauce with a herb crust)

(V) Cheese Pasty HOMEMADE £2.10 (Just cheese, potato & onion)

Corned Beef Pasty HOMEMADE £2.10 (Just corned beef, potato & onion)

Chicken and Mushroom pasty  HOMEMADE £2.10 (Chicken and mushrooms in a white sauce)

Kebab and chilli HOMEMADE £2.10 (Kebab meat in a tomato and chilli sauce)

Meat & Potato Pasty £2.10 (Minced beef and Potatoes)

Chicken Curry Pasty £2.50 (Tasty chicken pieces with a curry sauce)

Cornish Pasty £2.10 (Minced beef with onions, carrot, turnip & potato)

High quality mince & onion pie HOMEMADE £2.10

High quality mince & mushy pea pie HOMEMADE  £2.10

Luxury cottage pie HOMEMADE £2.50(Minced beef in a rich onion gravy topped with mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of cheese)

Ham and egg pie HOMEMADE £2.20 (Ham with a whole egg)

Chicken balti pie HOMEMADE £3.00 (Chicken and vegetables in a balti sauce)

(V) Pan Haggerty HOMEMADE £2.10 (Vegetarian cheese potato and onion)

Scotch pie £1.90 (Our best selling pie for 4 years running )

Steak and Kidney pie £2.10 ( Classic steak and kidney witha  rich gravy)

Range of Quiches  
Traybake  £12.00
Individual £2.00

Baguette Sandwiches £3.50
(v)Cheese Savoury Salad

(v)Brie & Cranberry Salad

Ham & emmental (no mayo)

Paninis from £3.50

Mediterranean roasted vegetables and mature cheddar  £3.50

Tuna, mature cheddar and sliced bell peppers  £3.50

Chicken , pesto and mature cheddar  £4.50

Chicken , chorizo and mozzarella  £4.50

Boxed cakes £1.95 each- old school cake, Chocolate, fudge, lemon, carrot

Pain au Chocolat £1.60

Almond croissants £1.80

Russian cake £2.50

Strawberry tarts £1.80

Cream scones £1.80

Peach melba £1.80

Apple turnover £1.80

Family victoria sponge £3.00 (available saturdays only)

Rice crispy squares £1.80

Empire Biscuit – £1.50 each

Brownies £3.00

Custard slices £2.50

Cup cakes £1.50 each – available with butter cream on top (pink, yellow, white or chocolate) or icing
Traditional French Macarons – £1.10 each (a range of flavours )

Muffins £1.95 each – Choose from Lemon Drizzle, Blueberry, Double
Chocolate, Chocolate Chip.

Bar cakes – Belgian Chocolate, Cherry & Almond, Lemon drizzle, Chocolate orange – £3.80 each

Chocolate Gateaux - £4.50

Tray-bakes serves 10-12 slices  £12.00

Millionaire shortbread - £2.00

Sly cakes £1.60

Apple Slice  £1.60



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