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98 % of our products are handmade & are made with as many local products & people as possible. We pride ourselves on a ‘shop local & support local’ ethos. We have worked hard to create unique artisan bakery goods, made with great ingredients, passion & love. 



LOAVES small 400g / large 800g 


Farmhouse White/Wholemeal – Small £1.60 Large £2.20


Sourdough –  Oval £2.10

San Franciscan sourdough/cheese  £2.70

Sourdough baguette  £1.85


White Poppy seed plait £1.80


Healthy country grain (granary wholemeal loaf) £2.00


Spelt (100% spelt flour ) Oval £2.20


Light Rye (20% rye with/without Sunflower seeds/Caraway) Oval £2.20


Donker (80% rye with Sesame seeds) Oval £2.20


Low GI Multi seeded granary £2.20


Black pudding bread (a local favourite to have for Sunday brunch) £2.80


Beetroot sourdough (amazing served with a cheese board, cold meats, pasta ) £2.80


Mediteranean (perfect with pasta, cheese, or as brushetta, our most flavoursome loaf) £2.80


Fruit and nut loaf (Raisins, cherries and almonds) £2.80


Brioche (a british take on a French classic with a little less butter, amaxing with sweet and savoury foods alike) £2.80


Foccacia ( a huge array of types delicious with salds available Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays and at all our famers markets & events ) £3.00





Traditional Griddle scones pack of 4 £1.45 or 50p each


Fruit Scones 95p each


Cherry Scones  95p each


Wholemeal Date and Walnut 95p 


Cheese 95p


Bun Products

French Crusty buns, this is our best selling range of bread buns (seeded /white/ brown 50p each 4 for £1.60)


White/brown pack of 6 scotch baps ( £1.10 a pack)


White/brown pack of 6 local tuffies (a local heavier scotch bap) £1.40 a pack


Stotties pack of 2 £1.50 a pack

Crusty spelt bun 50p

Crusty beetroot bun 50p


Crusty granary bun 50p


Ciabattas/ Paninni  (our paninnis are more dense ) pack of 3 £1.30


Baguettes 50p each ( please note this product is not handmade by us)


Teacakes pack of 2 £1.10 or 4 for £1.60


Knotted bread buns (small) white and brown (can be seeded or none seeded) 20p each




Sausage rolls 80p - 2 for £1.40




(V) Vegetable Pasty £1.40 (Mixed vegetables in a white sauce with a herb crust)




(V) Cheese Pasty HOMEMADE £1.40 (Just cheese, potato & onion)




Corned Beef Pasty HOMEMADE £1.40 (Just corned beef, potato & onion)




Chicken and Mushroom pasty  HOMEMADE £1.40 (Chicken and mushrooms in a white sauce)




Kebab and chilli HOMEMADE £1.40 (Kebab meat in a tomato and chilli sauce)



Sausage and bean £1.40




Meat & Potato Pasty £1.40 (Minced beef and Potatoes)




Chicken Curry Pasty 1.40 (Tasty chicken pieces with a curry sauce)




Chilli Con Carne Pasty £1.40 (Minced beef spices and kidney beans)




Cornish Pasty £1.40 (Minced beef with onions, carrot, turnip & potato)




Peppered Steak pasty £1.50 (Black pepper & steak in a rich beef gravy)



High quality mince & onion pie HOMEMADE £1.40


High quality mince & mushy pea pie HOMEMADE  £1.40


Luxury cottage pie HOMEMADE £1.90(Minced beef in a rich onion gravy topped with mashed potatoes and a sprinkling of cheese)


Ham and egg pie HOMEMADE £1.60 (Ham with a whole egg)


Large Pork pie/Pork & Plum/ Pork & apple HOMEMADE £1.90 (High quality pork pie made by our dedicated bakers)


Chicken balti pie HOMEMADE £1.90 (Chicken and vegetables in a balti sauce)


Slow cooked lamb and mint HOMEMADE £1.90 (Succulent minced lamb slow cooked with spices and mint an absoloute delight!!!)


Slow cooked steak & Newcastle brown ale HOMEMADE £2.20 (Succulent steak slow cooked in Newcastle Brown ale with mushrooms, a great seller on match days !!!)


(V) Mediteranean roast veg and feta pie HOMEMADE £1.85(Feta with roasted vegetables in a tomato sauce)


(V) Pan Haggerty HOMEMADE £1.85(Vegetarian cheese potato and onion)


Scotch pie £1.40 (Our best selling pie for 4 years running )


Steak and Kidney pie £1.40 ( Classic steak and kidney witha  rich gravy)


Range of Quiches  £1.60 

We can make every type of quiche, in the shop you will find individual ones but we can make large to order anytime for you to take home.

Vegan pizza £1.30

pizza slice £1.30


Baguette Sandwiches £2.70

(v)Cheese Savoury Salad


(v)Brie & Cranberry Salad


Ham & emmental (no mayo)



Paninis £2.70

Goats cheese & caramelized red onion on beetroot sourdough


Mediterranean roasted vegetables and mature cheddar


Tuna, mature cheddar and sliced bell peppers


Chicken , pesto and mature cheddar


Chicken , chorizo and mozzarella


Delicious Treats & Cakes

Croissants 1.20


Pain au Chocolat £1.20

Danish pastry £1.20

Almond croissants £1.50


Snowballs £1.25


Russian cake £1.45


Strawberry tarts £1.35 


Cream scones £1.25


Peach melba £1.25


Apple turnover £1.25

Coconut haystacks £1.25


Family victoria sponge £3.00 (available saturdays only)


Rice crispy squares £1.10


Almond Macaroons £1.10 each 


Gingerbread men £1.10


Viennese Swirls £1.10 each


Empire Biscuit – £1.10 each


Brownies £1.90


Frangipanes £1.90

Egg custard tarts £1.30


Cup cakes £1.05 each – available with butter cream on top (pink, yellow, white or chocolate) or icing


Traditional French Macarons – £1.10 each (a range of flavours )


Muffins £1.15 each – Choose from Lemon Drizzle, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Blueberry & Oats, Double

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Toffee, Cherry & Almond.


Bar cakes – Belgian Chocolate, Cherry & Almond, – £3.30 each 


Chocolate Gateaux - £3.65


Tray-bakes serves 10-12 slices  £8.50


Large Gateaux - £12-£25


Millionaire shortbread - £1.10

Florentines £1.25

Sly cakes £1.35






























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